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*|MC:SUBJECT|* share the love of Christ with orphaned and vulnerable children.
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Two months ago, Daniel had an abdominal surgery that required him to take some time away from school and tedious activities. So, while everyone went about their day, Daniel spent his in bed, with very limited activity. You surely can understand how ecstatic we are that he is recovering well in time to go to school next week! 

The pictures above were taken three weeks ago and even though he was still in pain, you can see a resilient young man looking straight at the camera and smiling.
We would like to sincerely thank Doug and Lois Valley for stepping into Daniel's life at a time when he needed something to smile about. For our kids, getting a sponsor always brings a smile and plenty of excitement, but for a sick child, it is extra special! Thank you for making our boy smile. 
Friend, if you are looking to make a world of a difference for only $50 a month, here's a great opportunity to pick an unsponsored child and be to them what Doug and Lois were to Daniel. 
Of Siblings and Twins
What makes Teule different from most other orphanages, you ask? 14 sets of siblings and two sets of twins! As an organization, we do everything in our power to keep families together. 
This year, we were able to take family pictures of some of our kids with their siblings. What joy!

Special thanks to Isabella Gomez of And Bob's Your Uncle, Photography in Nairobi for capturing these memories for our kids. See you on Facebook where we will be sharing these pictures soon! 

Isabella did such a splendid job with both family pictures and portraits! We hope that even though you have not met these beautiful kids, that you will be able to see their unique personalities through the pictures. 
 Below are some portraits that Isabella took. 

We feel so blessed to have such wonderful kids! We could go on bragging about how beautiful they are but we will leave it here. If you want to see more pictures, catch us on Facebook

July Trip to Teule Kenya
If you haven't heard already, Megan Gallagly and Sam Shackleton of Illinois, USA will be leading a trip to Kenya this July. There are still 6-8 spots left. This trip is going to be a true taste of Kenya with a safari, a visit to a local cultural center, a day with some Kenyans working to change their communities, and lastly a week at Teule.

This two week trip is inexpensive and totally worth it! The team will be building a much-needed playground for the kids at Teule and our neighbor kids who come to play with our kids.  
If you are thinking about it here's the info:
Opportunities to Give
We are currently trying to raise funds for these projects:

1. Back to School: We need $1200 for the kids to get back to school next week. These are transport, shopping, and other expenses that do not include tuition. Give as little or as much as you are able to.
2. Trips to Kenya: July and August. These two teams are planning to work on specific projects that need funding. 
3. And as always, we are still have unsponsored children that need sponsors. 

The easiest way to give is to click on the 'Donate' button below.
Online Giving Available
Looking for a convenient and easy way to make your sponsorship or your in-kind donations? Give online today: Click here
Forgot to Write a Letter?
If you did not get a chance to write a letter to your sponsored child, there will be a chance in July. But before then, if you would like to Skype with your child, which we absolutely encourage you to do, let us know by clicking on the Skype logo below and completing the linked form! 
Teule (USA) Board Member Opportunity
Do you know someone in the Chicago area that would be a good fit for our board? Our board members' roles include fundraising, marketing, sponsorship coordination, and other duties as the need arises. The candidate should be able and willing to put in at least three hours of volunteer work a week which usually is done remotely.
We would like to meet with you and provide you more information.  If you are interested or know someone who would be, get in touch with us at
20 Years and Still Going!
On the 28th of March, Teule celebrated 20 years of being registered with the government of Kenya. 

It's amazing what we have been able to achieve! It's even more amazing the lives that have been touched. If you have doubted the ability of a person following their calling to change people's lives, Teule is a testament of just that. Just ask our founder, Jon High.
We want to share this journey with you. Join us as a prayer partner, sponsor, and/or donor.
New Friendships, New Skills, and New Tables!
Our new friends from the Kilimanjaro Children's Fund  have invested in teaching their older boys useful life skills like carpentry. They have also taught them how to teach those skills to other children's homes like ours. 
This past April, six boys from the Kilimanjaro Children's Fund, spent a weekend with our boys teaching them carpentry skills. Here are the results:

The six boys gave our older boys skills that they can use for the rest of their lives! We are so grateful to the Kilimanjaro Child's Fund for thinking of us. We are also grateful for new picnic tables made by own own boys. We hope the friendships that our boys formed outlast the tables!
Special Thanks
We celebrate three of our boys David, Oscar, and Wycliff who are starting their college careers. That achievement would have been impossible without some friends of Teule.
First off, it was a miracle that the boys got the opportunity to start college. Then there was the need for accommodation for the three of them. We shared that with some of our friends via email and some of you wanted to be part of their story. We sincerely thank you for making it possible for our boys to go to college. 
New Calf and Bees!
You know Jon High is excited when you get a note like this one from him. This one was sent to Friends of Teule on April 18th. 

Dear Family & Friends of Teule,
What a year it has already been.  We surely see the goodness of the LORD! 

We had a bouncing baby girl addition to our herd- Joy Nasirian (in Masaai means Blessing) born on Saturday 16 April at 9 AM. Teule now has four dairy cows, Mama Joy, Maureen, Rosie Mitchell ,and now Joy! And another soon on the way!
Then on Saturday as well... Two of our girls discovered a swarm of bees attached to a maize stalk and I immediately jumped into a bee suit and transported them in a bucket to their new hive.  Since then, they have stuck and began building their new hive.  It's been a long time since I've seen bees attach themselves to maize!  We now have two hives populated. 
Scripture says we can not count the Blessings of the LORD. SURELY AT TEULE, WE SEE THOSE BLESSINGS.
Thank you for being with us along the way.  We love you! 

So, we are thanking God for a new calf and some bees. What a great opportunity for Teule to provide milk and honey for our kids.
Lastly, if you would like to receive the Friends of Teule emails or Jon's direct emails let us know by emailing us at 

Our Mission 
Rescue, support and reintegrate children into communities and stable families while working with the society at large to eliminate homelessness.

Our Vision
See Children in stable homes empowered to lead and uphold Christian values.

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