Summer Trips

Summer Trips Poster


We are now organizing trips to Teule where  you  can experience the beauty of Teule first hand! Imagine walking side by side with your sponsored child, jumping tires while hearing the giggles of children waiting their turn, and the satisfaction of assisting with another project being completed.


This summer, Samantha Shackleton and Megan Gallagly, our Sponsorship Coordinators made their 4th visit to the home, and we invite you to join us for our next year's visit! This is a great opportunity for sponsors and supporters alike to meet the children, see our projects, and strengthen relationships from across the globe.

*We have 2 dates available, and each trip will last 2 weeks.


Why Should I Go?

The truth is, I cannot tell you how the Lord will meet you there and how you will partner with him in his ministry, but we believe whole heartedly that He will meet you on this trip and you will return forever changed.

Who Can Go?

Adults who are eager to witness the work of Christ around the world are invited to take part in this missions trip. At this time we are looking for 6-8 adults to join our team. 


What should I Expect?

Expect the unexpected  but know that there are a few things you can count on to be consistent everyday. We will be investing time with the kids,  connecting with the staff,  assisting  with homework and devotions, and  participating in work projects such as landscaping and the fence renovation.


For More information including cost breakdown, check out our trip website:   http://www.teulekenya2017.weebly.com