A School for Visionaries

Teule Kenya runs a primary school - Kibo Slopes Academy (KSA) in Oloitokitok District. The school was registered in March 2006 by the government as a formal school. The primary objective of the school is to provide special and formal education for children in Teule Kenya programme and those from the Oloitokitok community. Kibo Slopes has a teaching staff of nine teachers and four support staff. It is a school that also serves the community in Oloitokitok by admitting children who are willing to pay fees. This income subsidizes the income for Teule Kenya. In the year 2006, we received a donation from Barclays Bank towards the construction of Classrooms. This school has excelled in extra curricula activities like drama and sports competitions. Sending pupils up to the provincial competitions in the past. There is a store for other supplies and a kitchen and dining hall. In this home all the needs of the children, from food to clothing and shelter and medical care. They are provided with a 24 hour care by the staffs who work diligently to provide emotional and psychosocial support for these children.


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