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*|MC:SUBJECT|* share the love of Christ with orphaned and vulnerable children.
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Looking through pictures of Junior Kiprop, you get a feel of the kind of kid he is. Kind and sweet yet a little shy.  Junior is not one that you would meet on your first day visiting but once you get to know him, you will be smitten.
Like a little guy on an important mission, Junior is always in a button-up, and on Sundays, in his sunday best suit. I mean, if you are going to church why not look your best, right? 

Junior has been with us since 2013. Before that, he was at a government shelter for abandoned and street kids.  Junior loves being at Teule. He is often seen playing soccer with his little friends.  
Junior is so lucky to have Brianne and Ethan VanGorder as his sponsors. They are so actively involved in his life, and it's been our pleasure to see that relationship develop.

We can't wait to see the impact Junior has on their lives and they on his life. 
Brianne and Ethan, we are so grateful for your continued partnership in raising Junior. 
2nd Annual Sponsorship Drive
Last year, we had a vision to get 30 of our kids sponsored.  Our sponsors and friends talked to friends , shared our statuses on FB,  and believe it or not, we got 30 kids sponsored in 30 days. 
This August, please join us for our 2nd Annual Sponsorship Drive. The goal this year is to get another 30 kids sponsored. 

Here's what we need: 
1. You: Would you please spread the word around to friends  and family and to friends on Facebook? You can share our statuses in late July when we begin the drive. 
2. You ( again): Do you have ideas of what we could do this year to help us be successful? We are learning and could use guidance and suggestions on how we can be more successful. Email us at with your ideas. 
Wanna get a headstart? 
Welcome to Our Teule Family
We would like to welcome our new sponsors to our growing family. 

A special welcome to Jackie and John Braun, Douglas and Lois Valley, Anita Smith, Katherine Lindsay, Mavis Wangari, Petra Dannapfel, Stephanie Colbert, Brett Burkart, Wanda Boebel, and Dorcie / Hillcrest School. 
We are so glad you joined our family!
It's Letter-Writing Season!
If you sponsor a child, we would like to invite you to participate. Write a hand written letter and get it to us by August 15th and we will hand-deliver it. You can send postcards, pictures, stickers, and anything little that can fit in a regular letter envelope. We promise if you write, you will receive a letter from your child in the fall. 

FAQ: Can I send a gift?
We know that it can be exciting to get stuff for your child. Unfortunately since not all our kids are sponsored, we are not able to accept gifts for individual children. If you would like to get a gift like a t-shirt, or a toy for your sponsored child, please consider buying a toy for all our kids.  
Once a year, we have opportunities to buy something special for your child. Keep scrolling down for an opportunity to buy your sponsored child a useful and needed gift that they will receive at Christmas.
Gift a Pair
Once a year, we allow our sponsors to send a gift to their sponsored child in Kenya. We do it only once a year because we have to also get gifts for our unsponsored kids. 

If you have been waiting for an opportunity to send a gift to your child, please join our Gift a Pair Project and give the perfect much-needed gift of a pair of shoes to your child. 
To send a pair of shoes, click on the picture above or use this link:
Attention: Teule (USA) New Paypal
Teule (USA) has a new Paypal account. We created one for just Teule (USA )to help our accountant during the tax season when he has to send out receipts to all of you. If you give on Paypal and would like to receive a tax deduction for your donation, please cancel your current giving and set up a new payment to go to Follow these instructions if you need help. 
Here is a quick guide on how to cancel your old giving to be set up on the new USA only Paypal: 
1. Log in to your Paypal and select 'Activity'.
2. Click on the most recent (or any) payment to Teule. You will get a drop down menu. 
3. On the drop drown menu, select ' Manage Teule activity' and choose 'Cancel'. Your old Teule giving will be cancelled. 
Click here to set up payment on the NEW Teule (USA) Paypal.
Get Together!
Friends of Teule in the Chicagoland area, we would like to invite you to attend our fundraiser / meeting in September. Jayne will send out more information.
A Special Goodbye to Joel Lundgren
After so many years of supporting Teule, one of our faithful sponsors is leaving to go support another organization that he feels strongly called to. Joel sponsored a child at Teule up until she graduated high school two years ago and still kept giving financially to our work.  We recently received an email saying that he had found another organization to support. 
We are so grateful, Joel, for your support for our work and a keen investment in your sponsored child's life. We are honored that you were our friend and supporter for years and hope that you will love your partnership with the other organization. 
We are forever grateful. Keep in touch!

These two munchkins needed to get water but they were too short to reach the tap. 
What brotherly love! Do something kind for someone today.
This picture was taken by one of Teule Norway volunteers this July (2016).
Do You Remember Susanne?
Last year we featured a story of our friend Susanne from Norway whose grandma had given her an inheritance before she passed away. Susanne wanted to do something good with the money so she chose to go to Teule. 

Well, Susanne is back and as promised with a group of six girls from Norway. They have been busy painting the dorms, bathrooms (pictured) and playing soccer with the kids. 
Our kids love them. If you want to see pictures of what they have been doing at Teule this summer, follow them on Facebook @TeuleNorway.
Online Giving Available
Looking for a convenient and easy way to make your sponsorship or your in-kind donations? Give online today: Click here

Our Mission 
Rescue, support and reintegrate children into communities and stable families while working with the society at large to eliminate homelessness.

Our Vision
See Children in stable homes empowered to lead and uphold Christian values.

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