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The Little Boy at O'hare
I'm sitting at O'hare Airport in Chicago oblivious of my immediate surroundings. There might be a baby that catches my attention every now and then, but for most part, you could say I'm in my own world. 
Then suddenly, I see him. There's a little boy who's having a rough day. He is sobbing and it does not look like there's anything anyone can do to make it better. His parents must have tried everything because they are obviously so frustrated and have little patience with each other and with their little boy.  I gather that their flight has been delayed for hours due to bad weather- just as mine is- and what they thought was going to be a few hours at the airport is quickly becoming unbearable.
My eye catches his Paw Patrol back-pack. I know just the thing. I pull up a Paw Patrol episode on my laptop and ask him if he wants to watch Paw Patrol. I slide my laptop over to him and he squats down. Everything is now okay.

Step Up

Once in a while, you get an opportunity to uninterruptedly keep on with your life or to step up for someone. Stepping up could be as simple as a stranger pulling up a Paw Patrol episode for crabby three year old at an airport or as life-changing as partnering with an organization that is committed to rescuing orphaned and vulnerable children and providing a stable home for them.
This July, we invite you to step up for one of our 30 sweet kids that need sponsors. By the end, 30 of you will step up and embark on a life changing journey with us. Will you come along? 

Stepping Up for Us?

Thanks for deciding to step up and journey alongside us as we provide a  safe and stable home for kids. Here's how to partner with us: 

1. Sponsor a child today. $50 has never been worth more!
2. Make a one time donation to go to our sponsorship fund for un-sponsored children. 
3. Forward this email to friends and family to invite them to check out the work we are doing. 

Who Are You Stepping Up For? 

Joyce (6 yrs), Esther (12 yrs)  or
one of our other kids
Why Do we Need you to Step Up for Joyce?

Joyce is only 6 years but her experiences are a lot different than an average six year old. Born in the Maasai community of Kenya to poor parents, education was not a privilege she would ever dream of.
At Teule, Joyce is beginning to realize that she can dream of being a teacher. If her smile does not give it away, Joyce is the sweetest and kindest child. If you choose to step up for Joyce, you are making it possible for this little girl to dream, and maybe one day she can be a teacher!

Why Do We Need You to Step Up for Esther?

Esther came to us because both her parents were alcoholics who did not care for her. There were days she went to bed without food and woke up and both her parents were still not home. That is in her past now. At Teule, Esther knows she is loved and cared for and she now can be a teenage girl without any worries. 

More Kids to Step up for
Click on the title above to find a child that you would like to sponsor and then give us your information for us to set you up.

Use the link below for your one-time and monthly donations.

With love, 
The Teule Family
Our Mission 
Rescue, support and reintegrate children into communities and stable families while working with the society at large to eliminate homelessness.

Our Vision
See Children in stable homes empowered to lead and uphold Christian values.
Contact Information 

Teule Kenya 
P.O BOX 76262-00508,
Nairobi, Kenya


Chosen Children Kenya 
45 Grenoble, Apt 2808. 
Toronto, ON, M3C 1C5

Teule USA 

P.O BOX 1105,
Dekalb IL, 60178


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