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Congratulations, Brian Kanyi!

There is a blessed assurance in knowing that if ever we lose sight of the work that God is doing in our lives and those of our kids, He will send us a reminder. This January, we got one such reminder.
One of our kids at Teule had just completed 8th grade when he was accepted into a national high school in Kenya! A national high school is the equivalence of the Ivy League of Kenyan high schools. Schools in Kenya spend the last two years of primary school preparing for this exam because the performance on the exam dictates where a student will go to high school. A good high school increases a student's chance of being accepted into the very few universities in Kenya, which is where every student strives to end up. To say the least, only the creme de la creme make it to these schools. In the past, Teule has produced about eight students that have qualified to go to these prestigious schools and this year again, we did it!

 (Left) Brian poses for a picture. (Right) Brian with veggies from the Teule garden.

Help us congratulate Brian Kanyi! What a good job! We are bursting with pride at the hard work of this young man and what he has achieved! Brian Kanyi is one to watch. His determination and the gifts that he has been given will take him to the top. We could not be more proud!

Brian Kanyi, 13 years old, came to us because his single mother could not afford to take care of him. At the time, she was taking care of her dying mother.  Because she knew she would not be able to give Brian everything that he needed, she asked us to take him in. Since then, he has been with our Teule family. When Brian is asked what he wants to do in the future, he says that whatever he ends up doing will be to help his mother, who worked so hard to take care of him, and his grandma. Brian loves his mother and the time that he gets to go home during school breaks to see her. However, he realizes that until his mother can get back on her feet, he is best suited to stay with us. Brian's mom is grateful for a place like Teule where Brian can receive the food that he needs and a good education that can take him to places that would otherwise not be possible. 

It will cost Teule about $3,000 for Brian to go to school for the next four years! We are committed to making this work but cannot do it without your help. You make it possible for us to afford education for not only Brian, but for all our kids!

When I encounter children like Brian that inspire me to continue living my dream of serving, I, more than anything, want to make it possible for them to achieve their dreams. The whole team at Teule is committed to making the dreams of the children come true. Join us today by making a donation to send our 8th grade students to high school for this year!

With love, 
The Teule Family
Asante Sana...Thank you...Merci...Danke...Arigato...
We at Teule are blessed to have friends and supporters like you! This past November and December, you showered us with your gifts for our big Indiegogo fundraiser. We will let you know how much we collected and what projects we will be working on. If you would like to request information on a project that you helped fund, email us at teuleusa@gmail.com.  
Be a hero to Joy
That picture of a precious child on a fridge has led people to places they never dreamed they'd go. It has opened up their world on how they can learn to care and love for someone in a different world. It has taken people on adventures to Africa and to the furthest corners of the earth
At Teule, we are committed to connecting you with our children who need sponsors. Sponsors are not just for giving money.  They can write letters, check on our children, send small presents during birthdays and holidays, and can even visit Teule to meet their children. 

For $40 a month, you will be a child's friend and sponsor, but most of all, their hero. Email us (teuleusa@gmail.com / info@teulekenya.org) to get connected to a child that has been waiting for you!

Joy Wangui, 8

Little Joy does not have a sponsor and has been waiting and praying for three years. If you are able and willing to sponsor her, email teuleusa@gmail.com or info@teulekenya.org.

Our Mission 
Rescue, support and reintegrate children into communities and stable families while working with the society at large to eliminate homelessness.

Our Vision
See Children in stable homes empowered to lead and uphold Christian values.
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