...to share the love of Christ with orphaned and vulnerable children.
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Kofi Annan
We would like to introduce the newest addition to Teule, Kofi Annan. If his name sounds familiar, its because he is named after a former UN's Secretary General. Kofi Annan joined us on the 4th of January 2017.

Mid 2016, we found out that one of our little girls, Joyce, had a twin brother. In our efforts to rescue girls from FGM, it's easy to do the work but miss an important thing. In this case, we had not understood that Joyce and Kofi Annan were twins. 
Because we can't always rescue the whole family, we also take the one that is most vulnerable. In this case, Joyce being a girl had a lesser chance of getting an education and more likely to be married off young. So we decided to take Joyce. 
Three years down the line, we bring in a different set of twins and Joyce comes to the office to ask if we can bring her twin brother so they can be together. During the rescue for Joyce, we were under the impression that Joyce and Kofi were just siblings and not twins. Teule does not separate twins and as such, we had to go bring Kofi to Teule. 
His parents were really glad that we could take him and bring him closer to Joyce. They wanted to spend Christmas with him so they promised to bring him after the holidays. He reported to Teule on January 4th. 
Kofi is so much smaller than Joyce because he was not getting the proper nutrition. He is a smart boy and in fact on his first day to school, he said he was sure he was going to do better than his sister who is always at the top of the class. He is currently doing very well in school, is an overly active kid, and is loving being close to Joyce. 
Kofi is unsponsored. We would love it if you or someone you know could sponsor this sweet little boy of ours. For $50 a month, he will get a great education to take him places, food so that he grows to be health, healthcare and other daily necessities. 
Thank you Mark Nerud and Family
We can never be thankful enough for your participation on our board. Our US organization could not have been where it is without your help. 
Mark helped us get our 501 C 3 status, kept our accounts in order, and has been a great supporter of our work. 
This year has really been a busy year for him and his family and he is looking to take a break but will still support our work. 
Mark will be with us through June and then Teule USA will communicate with you whom you will need to email for all your finance help. 
Mark, we are so glad that you served with us during the time you did and we are even more glad that you choose to be part of our story going forward, just in a different way. 
Thank you also to the whole Nerud family for either coming to visit us, planning and hosting fundraisers and Teule meetings at your house, and supporting us in prayers and financial. We love you all!
Friendly Reminder to Switch Paypal 
US sponsors and donors, if you have not already switched your Paypal giving from the old account to the new teuleusa@gmail.com Paypal account, please do so. It will enable us to give you a tax receipt at the end of the year. If you are giving to the old teule100@teulekenya.org, please note that your donation goes straight to Kenya and the US cannot give you a tax receipt. 
If you need help setting up your Paypal giving, please email us at teuleusa@gmail.com. 
Hepler Family to the Rescue
The Hepler family sisters have been so sweet. They have a suitcase that they store at one of their sister's houses and they keep finding good deals at the store and stuffing them inside. Since September 2016, they have sent about 6 bags of 50 pounds each full of toys, school supplies, and clothes. Our kids have been so happy because they now have toys. 
It's been interesting to watch because some of the kids would rather have a matchbox car than an outfit, which does not make sense to us, but they are so happy to have a toy of their own. 
Hepler family, thank you for spoiling our kids. 
Welcome to Our Teule Family
We would like to welcome our new sponsors to our growing family. 

A special welcome to Ashley Adler of Chicago, Brian and Amy Rainville of Wheaton, Illinois, and Cathleen Voelker of Connecticut. 
We are so glad you joined our family!
Summer Trips
Its that time of the year when we start preparing for summer visitors. We are so glad that you are thinking of coming. If you would like more information of the trips that are coming this year between June and September, please send an email to teuleusa@gmail.com and someone will get back to you with information. 

A special welcome to Ashley Adler of Chicago, Brian and Amy Rainville of Wheaton, Illinois, and Cathleen Voelker of Connecticut. 
We are so glad you joined our family!

Hess Family Visits Teule
Some of our biggest supporters, the Hess family, and their friends, visited Teule Kenya during Christmas and new year. We had a blast visiting with them. Our kids were glad to meet their sponsors. Sharon and Tom Hess sponsor Joyce and Juliet and so they got a chance to take them to pick out an outfit. Kathy Voelker got to take Latifa to pick out an outfit too. Nick and Ashley got a set of outfits for their kids too. John was climbing monkey bars and running around until one of the kids made a comment about how sweaty he was. Morgan was absolutely everyones friend and they have all been asking about him. 
What a fun time it was for all of us at Teule. We miss you, Hess family, and can't wait for you to return and visit with us again. 

Our Mission 
Rescue, support and reintegrate children into communities and stable families while working with the society at large to eliminate homelessness.

Our Vision
See Children in stable homes empowered to lead and uphold Christian values.

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